Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

 I love making you guys barf all over your computer screens because we are so sweet!

I also love...

The Bloggess's "put a bird on it" story. Part 1 and the exciting conclusion. Ah, Portlandia!

Native Mongolians see their portraits for the first time.

Men in pin-up girl poses

On the Pink Floyd pig!

How to be a hipster, part 3. See part 1 here and part 2 here. They are hilarious! And humbling. I'm like seventy percent hipster, according to these rules. SHIT.

When you make animal noises at animals you are not talking to them.

Finding balance. 

Chuck Palahniuk tattoo! I may have to copy this idea.

Draw a stickman and see what happens! 


This reverse map pinning idea by Evan Cook! Found via eyeteeth. I want to do this!

Watch this German guy totally trash daddy long legs. Yes, the spider. It may be the funniest internet video I have ever seen in my entire life.I have watched it six times.

Strawberry nails!

I'm So Jealous!: How To Deal With The Green Eyed Monster

Stamping out the persistent myths and misconceptions about tattoos. Note: DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS unless you want to be thrown into a fiery all-consuming rage.

All about airports around the world.

Sleeping suspended

The ballerina project.

Sounds of The Simpsons.

I want this travelers notebook for next time I go somewhere. Except maybe probably not in leather.

How to steal like an artist.

What school lunches look like in 20 countries around the world. This is SO neat! There are a few examples from each country. Some look freakin' delicious! Hello France!

Tamimi - Giraffe Manor. If I don't get to stay here within my lifetime, I will be so angry!

How to surround yourself with writing inspiration.

A Dexter themed dining room. Of course. 

This blog featuring photos of terrible tips servers get. Hilarious.

The seven ages of mandelion...I love this!

What photos look like when taken with film that expired in 1959. Pretty cool, actually.

Keith Davis Young's photography. I mean really, where did he find all those vacuum cleaners?

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