Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

 I love that I have friends from high school who are even cooler now than we all thought we were back then. I also love...

Documerica - amazing photos of the USA

The arrow of time - a really cool family photo project.

I love that my name in Hopi means "one who chases butterflies"! Find out what yours means here

45 things you can learn online for free! 

This made me wish I was a smoker so I could try it. How has this never crossed my mind?

Truths for mature humans.

Do you have a moment for pure genius? I'm sure I'd be one of the people who just walks past. I never make eye contact with or give money to street performers, haha.

The most elaborate light painting I have ever seen.



"Naked City Spleen" - basically, it's really neat naked self-portraits in various urban environments. 

If I were to ever get married there would be a photo booth, a candy station and something like this.

How to do many different things all at once.

Learn something every day. 

100 things to draw.

The infographic of infographics. 

Where the internet is taking us - so true! haha

The phraseology project. 

These photos taken of drops of water refracting cool images! 

For more, click here.

Invitation to an assassination.

Quirky travel tips.

How to make a life list you'll actually do. 

National Geographic - an article on Child Brides

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