Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

 I love bright colors, both on my hair and on my walls. But I do not love being mistaken for a teenager, so I dyed that beautiful red hair back to brown. Which did not work and now I have copper-y hair instead. Close enough.

I also love...

Wood tape. What a cute story!

A day in the life of a Lonely Planet author...not glamorous but still sounds really interesting.

Amazing composite photos of NYC.

This mega cool tattoo my friend Roberto did last week.  

The Lomography La Sardina cameras are now available in a metal body! I LOVE the beluga one.

Funny kids test answers.

A human's potential


For much much more coolness, click here.


Gigantic camera beanbag and other beanbags. 

Steep and cheap. One item at a discount at a time. How exciting. I like watching the countdown.

The charmed life challenge.

The story of teenagers who were lost at sea for 51 days.

Fiverr - what people will do for five dollars. 


Pierrette Diaz paintings - a look into the mind of a child?  

And last but not least...

Repurposing old books - I love the wall hanging one, is that a mirror? Amazing! 


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