Friday, November 11, 2011

random things

It's 11:11:11! And I set this to post at 11:11 just for fun. So there's that. 


I have been getting emails for giveaway offers lately...but they have all been USA-winners only-type-giveaways. Um, hello asshole companies, I live in Canada and refuse to give something away that my local readers/internet friends can't have. And what about my international buddies? Any Canadian or international companies wanna shoot me an email any time soon? That would be great.


My friend Roberto and Ryan talking about the latest tattoos Roberto did on Facebook.


Some funny things people have google searched for, only to end up here, include:

-"neck dickie"
-black nails from running
-stubble armpits
-what is the most ingredients in potato chips?
-does a fuckin sneeze stink?
-what kinds of things are in space?
-squirrel target
-bloody boobs pic
-moldy vagina

Wow. I am so proud! *single tear*


Yeti the cat has come out of hiding, after a year of hissing at the dog from our bedroom door! It's a miracle! Yes, she is gigantic. And yes, I was wearing my toque in the house, it was cold!


Three new blogs I am loving lately are this one, this one, and this one


I don't know if you noticed, but it was daylight savings time again. Every single time it comes around I can NOT wrap my brain around the time change. I literally have to ask somebody "Okay if it is nine in the morning now, what time would it be after the time change?" To me "falling back" and "springing forward" do not compute, time-wise. I am terrible at spacio-temporal abstractions. I just made that term up, do you like it? Anyway, last week I tried to get up at six in the morning and accidentally got up at four. Please feel free to mock me at length about this.


This whole random blog post thing is super fun for me, I think I'm going to do it more often.  Unless everybody hated it. Did you hate it?

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