Monday, December 12, 2011

Good mail days! :)

I am so effing lucky ...check out some of the cool stuff I've gotten in the mail lately.
I've been meaning to say thank you to you guys for weeks now but just keep forgetting to post it.


I think my favorite thing is the closed-eyes portrait of me. Closed-eyes drawings never fail to make me laugh for some reason. It's a game I like to play while traveling...two people close their eyes and draw something and whoevers is more recognizable wins. Try it sometime, it's hilarious.




Also uh, remember when I busted my feet and made friendship bracelets for days and days? Well I am selling them here in surprise pack/blind box-type dealys. It's ten small, five medium or two large bracelets for twenty bucks. I don't know how to tell you guys this but I'm not a millionaire or even a thousandaire and I could use the extra cash these days, you know, if you're feeling bracelet-y or charitable. That would be awesome.

(These are pictures of my rejects mostly, I wouldn't sell the crappy ones to you, obviously.)

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