Monday, December 26, 2011

presents! Be jealous. Be so, so jealous. (photo heavy)


And from Ryan, because I know you're all dying to know...This super cute fox ring and two tickets to see Die Antwoord in February together. Ryan keeps telling me to say on Facebook that he "put a ring on it" but I really think that's a bad idea. Half my family and friends would uh, get the wrong idea, I'm sure.


Uh, heck yes! I win Christmas, I think.

I've been drinking for three days straight. WOO! Wine, mimosas, coffee and baileys...osm.

Since Ryan and I have had a few days off together we finally had the time to watch the HBO show Treme. (About New Orleans a few months after hurricaine Katrina got to the city.) It's so darn cool. New Orleans is such a rich and interesting place. And oh, the music. If you haven't seen it, you should give it a whirl, we're only on the fourth episode of the first season and we're like "WHAAT". My dad spends quite a bit of time in New Orleans and he said that people he knows there told him the show is pretty true to life. There's all kinds of famous musicians who I'm not cool enough to know about in the show too apparently. The only one I even recognized at first was Elvis Costello. And that's after they call him "Elvis" in the show. And I *think* I saw Dr.John. 

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