Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I love this old photo of me finding out Dwayne has aids. Degrassi FTW!

I also love... 

...that I got a new job here ... in fact, today is my first day! Wish me luck! :)

Finding out that a blogger I've been reading for a long time is a real life illustrator for Hallmark greeting cards! How cool is that?

This post on inspiration vs imitation.

A photo of my legs is gettin' around on Tumblr.

Cut away leaf art. 

The story of Sean.

Danielle's Latest: On Being Visibly Tattooed in a World That Isn't. 

Christmas around the world. 

This video, demonstrating how laughter is contageous. I even caught myself laughing along by the end. No kidding. Thanks April

This...found via Miss. Indie. 

Hahahahaha amazing.


The idea of a one word New Year's resolution. I'd choose 'responsibility' I think. But my resolution is already chosen: get a rose tattoo before I'm 30. It's just weird that I have no roses because I work with four guys who tattoo roses on people every single day pretty much.

Ask a mortician, episodes two and three.

Yes, pitbulls suddenly snap. (Thanks Rochelle)

My friend Gilly is looking for a roommate and writes about how it's going...people are weird. 

Old re-purposed or decaying theaters, as photographed by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

25 weird toilets around the world.

For the love of the lady mustache. 

The passage in Moby Dick about Queequeg's tattoos.

This is what it looks like when one guy tries to do a Haka flash mob. My favorite is the police man telling him "You can't just scream in New York City."

This portrait made from millions of dots. Talk about patience. 


Jimmy Kimmel's latest challenge to parents - give them a present they'll hate and film their reactions. It's definitely on par with the halloween candy video.

All you Radiohead fans, you may appreciate this arrangement played by members of the Morristown Colonial Symphony.

Beca's newest tattoo, so sweet. 

China's 'Wonderland'. It's kind of like Disneyland but creepy and abandoned.

Harmless weapons by Kyle Bean.

Louis CK. Period. I think he's the funniest comedian out there today. Also, this. Buy it! I did, I'm gonna watch it later today. 

This graph.

Ivy & Em jewelry - it's all made from recycled bike parts!

This picture my friend Sarah sent me on Twitter. Halloween costume, anybody? 

(Another old one of me from my MySpace days. The shirt says 'a clean house is a sign of a wasted life' on it. Damn hippie! And my mom got me that skull necklace because she's cool.)

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