Monday, January 9, 2012


Lately I've been...

Listening to Black Breath. Terrible band name, it makes me think of rotten teeth! But man, it's been a really long time since I've heard a song and been like "YES". I...uh..."found" some new music on the internet and somehow I got it onto my computer, like, by magic or something. Anyway, all of a sudden I am excited about music again. Here's the song that got me all pumped.

*note* very metal and RAAAAAH so if you're not in that mood maybe skip it. But if you feel like running around and punching things then this one's for you.

I also got some Dimmu Borgir which I am really into, Adele (haha shut up, she sings prettily),  Mastodon, Electric Wizard, Doomtree, Trampled By Turtles (some cool modern bluegrass), Absu, Liturgy (so far, do not recommend), Baroness, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Yob, Ellie Goulding (Ryan really likes her so I'm trying it out), Wolves in the Throne Room (not my favorite), 3 Inches of Blood (locals, woo! I've seen them play and my boss has tattooed them a bunch, but I've never had any albums before.) and the sountrack to Treme. Oh yes and The Sword, Corb Lund, Chingon, At The Drive-In, The Black Keys, Dio, Elvis Costello, Queen, Lamb of God, Metallica (I never had the Ride the Lightning album for some reason) and Lila Downs.

I'm still just wading my way through it all, it's very exciting. I have to stop denying myself some crazy metal, even if nobody else in my life likes it. It makes me happy, damnit. Even Dimmu Borgir, who makes me laugh because it's like, SO BLACK METAL but it's really awesome at the same time.

Watching...Treme.Have you seen it? Because if you like music at all you probably should. It takes place in New Orleans three months after hurricaine Katrina hit, and kind of focuses on the musicians trying to get gigs in the few places that are left, plus some of the injustices and hardships that some people had/have to face. I found it really heavy and didn't want to watch the second season, but Ryan is all over it right now.

Ryan also got me the movie Harold and Maude from the library, telling me "you have to watch it". I was really uncertain. It sounds so lame! And look at the cover! But whaaat, it's creepy as hell with a Ferris Bueller attitude. I absolutely recommend it to all the hipsters out there. I really enjoyed it.

Reading ... I was on book four of the Song of Fire and Ice series, and it expired just as I was on the last 300-ish pages. (They're huuuuge books and the library only loans them out for 3 weeks at a time. I was trying to read two of them in that time. Fail.) Luckily I got a super rad autographed copy of Chuck Palahniuk's Damned for Christmas! I read it in one day, no joke, no exaggeration.

I just found book five of the Song of Fire and Ice at the library, a paper copy. Damn these things are HUGE.

So I guess I have to just find a brief summary of book four to catch up on the last few chapters and then zip through this tome. No problem, haha. I'd like to keep reading at this rate. I took all your suggestions in that 'who reads my blog' post and added them to my wishlist on the library website, but if there are any more suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Thinking about ... becoming a medical transcriptionist. It sounds like an ideal job. That, or a medical sterilization person in a hospital. Anyone out there do these jobs? Know anyone who does? Any advice?

Laughing about ... the fact that we got a microwave for Christmas and haven't even tried it out yet. We just don't have anything that really needs to be microwaved! Also, that Ryan's kids are so far removed from this convenience-based lifestyle that they were explaining this special type of popcorn that goes in a microwave to us as though we've never seen it before. "It's in a kind of flat bag but it has popcorn seeds inside of it." We played along. I think I said "NO WAY" and made a very interested face.

What have you guys been up to lately?

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