Friday, January 20, 2012


Reading: I just read Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami and it was not what I expected. At all. Very very ... strange. I can't even tell you if I enjoyed it or not. I read it pretty quickly, maybe over three or four days, and I kind of feel like I missed something. Anyway, give it a try if you're into weird psychological experiments or unicorns. Not even joking.

Watching: All the Arrested Developments and all the Parks and Recreation I can get my hands on. I mean like six episodes at a time. It feels kind of gluttonous.

Listening to: A lot of Mastadon's album Leviathan. Quite good. Quite good. It took me a couple listens and then I was hooked. Here's a couple of my favorites from that album.

Blood And Thunder by Mastodon on Grooveshark

Seabeast by Mastodon on Grooveshark

Doing: Pretty much nothing. First of all, it's been snowing here in Victoria, which is practically the end of the world. This city falls apart when it snows. Forget driving anywhere, they NEVER plow the streets or salt them or anything. They just let the ice build up and hope it melts soon.

 Tank doesn't like going pee these days, let me tell you something. He runs out, does his thing and is immediately knocking to come back in.

On top of the cold, I've had this endless flu that is just taking it out of me. I actually think I injured one of my uh...sinus tubes the other day from blowing my nose too hard. It really hurts still! Ryan and I had a big adventure yesterday though, we walked all the way to the pharmacy to get me some off-brand Neo-citran-ish stuff.

I tried to make a cute video and ended up with this pile of garbage because I wasn't taking it seriously and was just swinging the camera around like a maniac and showing boring stuff but whatever. This is what our walk was like basically. You like those boots? They're like 1999 Rocket Dog fashion.

Looking forward to: the Die Antwoord concert adventure Ryan and I are going on in February. Oh and I think I'll be able to pay for a college class with this upcoming paycheque, so I guess I'm looking forward to some new learning experiences. I'll keep y'all updated on that if it actually happens.

Thinking about: getting my kneecaps tattooed!!!!! For real. AAH do any of you have yours done? Any advice or stories you want to share? I'm totally scared.

I also tried Klout out on Twitter this week. I'm still not sure what it is? But anyway these are the top fourteen things I "have influence" on... both homosexuality and homophobia? Zoos? What? I like that octopus made the list. That's pretty awesome.

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