Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday (now without the annoying video!)

I love how dramatic Yeti can be in the early morning with the right lighting. 

I also love...

Dr.Seuss, as told by the people of Burning Man.  I saw a friend of mine in this video (3:32)! What!

Animals talking in all caps.

This NSFW post on the movie Libertine. 

18 things women can do that I just don't understand. Yup. Agreed.

This little video about Hense, a graffiti writer in Atlanta

Introvert? More like intro-jerk.

119 amazing facts

Hannah's Canadian adventure.

The ten seconds project. You have ten seconds to hide from your camera!

This Flickr photoset of  New York in the 80s. 

Kristin Luna's ride up to Angkor Thom.

Beauty is embarrassing

IRL Beavis and Butthead. AAAH

What Chelle discovered in her freezer.

The scientist and the stairmaster. 

Tough reads, but worth it: why I talk about rape and my rapist friended me on facebook.  

How to make just about anything happen. Even though I'm way too scared to do this myself nine times out of ten, it's really good advice. 

Behind photographs, a series of portraits of famous photographers posing with their iconic photos. 


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