Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gratuitous* photos of myself doing boring things on Wednesday.

 *If I label it as gratuitous in the title that makes it not narcissistic, right?


Here's me taking pictures of myself studying. That's right, world. I have glasses and no makeup and weird post-shower hair. This is what I'm really like most of the time. You're lucky you caught me in a bra, it's usually off the second I walk in the door. In case you're worried, the second my hair is completely dry it looks 25 times nicer and magically untangles and straightens itself. It's one of the mysteries of the world, this hair.

Cute little bird sticky notes, hey? The textbook I'm holding is SO freakin' heavy. It sucks to carry around everywhere, even in a backpack it's like UUUH. (That was a whining sound.)

And now, here's me procrastinating and not letting the dog sleep.But let's be honest, this entire post features all the ways I was procrastinating.

What a mean owner right? But then I got dressed up real nice and took him for a walk, which made up for it because he was bored-sleeping, not tired-sleeping. I got this black dress from Sarah's Place. I was working there one day and saw somebody try on a red version of this and I fell for the interesting neckline which you can't even really see in my photos. Plus my red bra is showing. Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have worn one. Sorry guys. I dropped the ball.

Tank's like "HURRY UP" in that last one because I asked if he wanted to go for a walk and then started taking pictures of myself. Apparently I'm that guy now. Also, hey, did you note the magical straight hair in a ponytail? I didn't brush that shit, it just went like that.

 While we were out we checked the mail...

...and I got these killer fingerless gloves from Izabelle and now I can't stop wearing them. Whatever, they're rad and go with everything because they're my favorite shade of grey. I'm typing in them right now. So yeah, that was my day off.

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