Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Single Secret Behaviour


Oh shit, I was tagged in a meme post thing.

WAIT, COME BACK! I promise it's not a 45 question survey about my favorite toenail polish color and what car would I drive for the rest of my life. One of my favorite bloggers is making me tell you guys about a weird behavior I was forced to hide when I moved in with my significant other.

It's hard to think of one, actually. Ryan and I have been living together for years, and he's been finding out the weirdest and most embarassing stuff about me on a pretty consistent basis. Singing to the cat? Duh. Licking the flavor off the potato chips before I eat them? Natch. But I don't think he knows this one yet.

I drink beverages while I'm in the shower. Sometimes in the morning I'll bring a coffee in there for kicks, but usually it's when I'm getting drunk at home alone. Here's a hilarious picture I was tagged in on Facebook of what I look like when I'm drinking, to illustrate my mindframe.

Why yes that is me and Ryan Mason drinking on a rooftop, jealous? Don't be, that face ruins the entire photo.

Wait a minute, wai-ai-ait a minute. Let me clarify that I do not drink at home alone very often. But when I do and I want to shower you can definitely catch me with a beer or even a glass of wine in there. It's mostly because I think it's funny. But it's also a time saver! Win-win! Funny time savers are the bee's knees.

I'd like to tag a few people and find out what their weird quirks are. Steven Andrew, Amalie, Rochelle and the recently married Danielle. Come onnnnn, it's fun.

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