Saturday, February 4, 2012

You should read...

Let me start out by telling you that this was my sister's all remember my sister, right? Let me refresh your memories.

Cute, right? And this is her hung over. 

She had a great idea for a series on my blog. Well, she didn't want it to be a series. Or maybe she did. She never mentioned the word "series" but maybe she was thinking it and I picked it up subconsciously over the internet? Anyway the other day on Twitter she asked me if I would blog about some of my favorite books and why I like them. And I thought...yes, yes I will do that.

So here we go. Welcome to ... You should read. Part one.

You should read...

The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I loved this book and I really didn't think I would like it at all. I liked it so much that Ryan and I actually had one of those moments where he came into the room, I was lying on the bed on my stomach with my feet in the air like a teenager in Seventeen magazine. He said "dinner's ready" and I was all like "JUSTLETMEFINISHTHISCHAPTER THEY FOUND A T-REX"

So yeah, I know what you're thinking, and YES it's an old book. You have to get over the racism and sexism and the old words. But it is not a slow book, and if you have any imagination at all you will get lost in the lost world. Which seems like it was probably just Brazil, but whatever.

Anyway it's a pretty funny novel that reads like a children's book for really smart children. Which is about the level the average 21st century adult is reading at, right? Perfect.

The Lost World is written mostly in letter format, the protagonist is a journalist who basically gets dared to go on this ridiculous expedition with some scientists to find dinosaurs and he's like "What the heck, what else am I going to do?" because his girlfriend was leaving him or cheating on him or thought he was boring or something like that. So he goes on the expedition but keeps writing back to the newspaper he was working for, and that's what we, the readers, get to see. Mail service was amazing back then, hey? Spoiler alert. Not really but I have to tell you that they do end up finding dinosaurs and it's cool damnit. Dinosaurs are cool.

The end. Read this book. Or go here and have someone read it to you for 24 hours. You can probably find forty seven copies of this book at the used book store. Go get one. And laugh at the super retro cover. But then you really should read it.

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