Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alberta: the sky, the weather, the beauty. (super photo-heavy)

Lyndon, my little sister, lives in the town I grew up in, in the middle of Alberta, Canada. She is seriously killing it with all the amazing photos she's been taking over there. She can find the beauty in everything, I tell ya. Please please do yourself a favor and follow her on tumblr or even better, her instagram (lyndonlane).

Or if you're like "STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO NOVA", at least sit back, relax, and check out all these amazing photos she's taken over the last month.  I command you.


I always tell people here in Victoria I miss the Alberta sky and they always say "is it really so different from here?" Yes. As you can plainly see, it's AMAZING in Alberta. This never happens here.

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