Wednesday, March 28, 2012

knee tattoo part two!!

We did it! I never ever have to get my damn kneecaps tattooed ever again!! Yes! Gerry took some instagram photos during the actual tattooing. Here they are so you can get a sense of the actual size of the's about the same as the one on the other side.

I love Mikel's comment, haha.

And here it is a few hours later, all swollen, with the other one for comparison. Damn fluid-filled knees! Ugh! It feels so gross! I don't even want the air to touch it. And you should have heard me whining when Ryan moved the blanket in the middle of the night. Knees are the worst spot to heal, I tell ya.

In case you're new here, you can read what it's like to get your knee tattooed here. I wrote it just after I got the red rose done.

On the agenda today: lay around, do nothing and then go see the Hunger Games movie finally. Sounds awesome, right? I think so!

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