Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday Links

 HEY YOU GUYS here's some links. Okay bye.

Are you being pinned? Here's how to find out.

Photos from a Chinese inflatable  sex doll and vibrator factory.

Tiny hippo and tiny train. For those of you who didn't already see this on Caitlin's blog, it's a must see. hahaha

I'm childless by choice.

13 songs that don't mean what you think they do.

Do not read A Sister's Eulogy for Steve Jobs unless you want to feel your heart swell ten times and then you  will cry for 45 minutes and be in love and very sad and inspired.

How you do a Sunday

Perfecting the jello shot

Gala Darling on balancing the fashion world with self-love. She's awesome.

Somebody is recreating the Titanic tragedy ... on Twitter. In real time, as if it were 1912. Right now it's just tweets about the ship and stuff because it didn't actually sail until April 10, but it'll be fun to watch what they say after that!

Why doesn't this ever happen when I'm on an airplane? (video)


Big Easy Express: Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes on one train?  So great!! I love all those bands.


I like this post on the lack of internet etiquette out there.

This UV-ink-printed bunny shirt. Cool idea!  And I'm such a fan of creepy/cute.

Ten reasons the rest of the world thinks the U.S. is nuts. 

La Photocabine.

I really like all the weird pants on the Anthropologie website. Why haven't I ever shopped there before? I have five favorites: this pair, this pair, this pair, this pair and this pair

Who gets to be sexy? Is it me?

87 year old Jimmy Carter (ex-president of the USA) is for gay marriage.

Stream the new Mars Volta album Noctourniquet here!

Classic Hollywood guide to how to react when you screw up a scene. (Thanks Caitlin!) (video)

This is one huge collection of viewfinders

This is a great tip for companies, big and small, who use the internet to promote their product.

And finally Sarah Rooftops teaches us how to create mouseovers ... like this one!

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