Thursday, April 26, 2012



Hey, want to go to a pheromone party? Yeah, me neither.

Can you make yourself smarter? 

Tiny underground apartments in Beijing China.

Take the "no cry" challenge. (videos) I didn't even try when I saw there was one of a dog. 

Check out these "beautiful" masks.

Not just a jump, but levitation.

Obama 'slow jamming' on Jimmy Fallon,"The Barack-ness monster ain't buyin' it."

Multiple exposure photos of carousels.

I want this toaster

Why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows? (Thanks Lynsey)

My dad, a snake and a burning bush.

I re-watched Titanic so you don't have to. You're welcome. 

Picmonkey - like picnik still exists.

The prettiest sheet music you've ever seen I bet.

Susannah Conway has a huge list of links to people writing about creative joy here

On owning it. (Thanks Ashley)

Do you wear a camera? 

Your unplanned pregnancy is the ultimate conversation piece. (Thanks Dani)

Part three of Marcus Kuhn's Gypsy Gentleman series is out! (video)

The adventures of mister fly. LOL/Gross.

On PROCRASTINATION and how to fight it.  


Still-life photos of rotting food.

Kurt Vonnegut's 8 tips on how to write a great story. (thanks Caitlin)

My blog hero Gala Darling did a TED talk recently on Radical Self Love, check it out

Erin's photos of Vancouver Island (near where I live!) taken with my #1 choice of film camera, the Canon AE-1.

Photos of conjoined twins from Veracruz, Mexico.

Forgotten couples of the '90s

Why do online articles have a comments section? (Thanks Courtney) 

The 21 absolute worst things in the world. (Thanks Caitlin)

Cutting & self-harm: the stigma and the aftermath.

Postcrossing! (Thanks Rochelle)

What do you wish you'd known at 22?

Lighten up about lighting up. (Thanks Lynsey)

This is so true! I totally agree, they all look like the same person.

Adding monsters to thrift store paintings. (Thanks Kady)

This cover of Creep by Radiohead done by Carrie Manolakos made me cry! (video) (Thanks Rochelle)

I completely support the idea of positive reinforcement in the workplace. It's impossible to be inspired to work hard in a negative environment.

How to be Jeff Goldblum

Poignant, grim, awesome: pictures of nightclubs after everyone's left. (Thanks Nubby)

How to re-wire old lamps. Awesome for all that thrifting you bloggers do, no? (Thanks Sarah)

I love Fiona Apple and am so so happy she's back from wherever she had gone. Here's one article on her comeback that sounds rather familiar to me. (Thanks FMFY)

Cash Cab is being cancelled. NO I LOVE THAT SHOW.  It's like surprise Jeopardy.

Note to self: always take black and white photos of divers because it looks really creepy and surreal

The world's first lickable wallpaper. Ew?

Henri, the depressive French cat. (video) (Thanks Sarah Von)

5 steps to up your personal dignity quotient.  I need to work on number five.

And last but not least, this :

She scratched the wet tittle with her lunule, absentmindedly watching the crepuscular rays creep out of the morning rain clouds through the muntin, mouthing mondegreen with some radio tune stuck in her head. The sweet petrichor wafted to her desk from the asphalt. Musing what to write in her improving life skeuomorph next she played with the ferrule on her purlicue. She reminisced about this morning -- seeing that jiggling gynecomatia shirtless made her wamble and crinkle her philtrum. Yech, she thought as she brushed the feat out of face, and the rectal tenesmus out of her mind. Perhaps he is depressed and his dysania prevents him even touching his aglets. Maybe he was held down by the armscyes and his knees knocked out with a peen. No that can’t be right, she shook her head and closed her eyes until the phosphenes appeared and the paresthesia in her right leg disappated. Holding her arms akimbo, she decides that journal time is over and it’s time to go get her special shoes. Her Morton’s toe makes it impossible to get an accurate reading on a brannock device. Now she’s late, and she must cut a desire path before her apologies for being late become semantic satiation.

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