Wednesday, April 11, 2012

seen on a walk...and I met an internet friend

ALSO, I met Erin Disaster the other day. I didn't get any photos because I was all flustered and totally forgot that I'm a blogger and it's my responsibility to show you 85 perfectly styled photos of us eating some sort of fancy food together. 

Funny story, that morning I got so excited and nervous about meeting an internet friend that I waaaay overthought my outfit and ended up putting on my favorite brooch because bloggers like brooches, right guys?

It was all a waste of nerves because Erin and company were so nice and down to earth it doesn't even matter. She even let me hold her friggin' heavy (and I assume expensive) camera. 

They stopped by my work and basically all I said was like "Oh my gosh you're a real person, yes you can take photos but not of that girl with her pants off back there. Welp, gotta go clean tattoo equipment, see ya later." Because yeah, that's my work/social skills in a nutshell.

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