Sunday, April 15, 2012

tat party in stolen pictures!

Well as usual I work in the most fun shop on the planet. This week we had our friend Chris Hold over from Vancouver. He was tattooing up a storm for four days and making fart and boob jokes a-plenty. Ah, we missed him.

I didn't get in on this one. I didn't even stick around to watch, as I am a wimp and didn't want to take the Saturday night bus in the dark. So these photos were all taken by Sarah Kramer, on her iPhone, and then I stole it from her Twitter feed.

First Chris tattooed this little apple on Sarah. The bite marks make a heart! Awww

And then Chris got tattooed. This is some kind of stencil placement pose, I believe.

Gerry and Kyle both tattooed him. At the same time, apparently! haha

Chris got a rad frog from Kyle. He also got the shop tattoo. It's a tradition we have, everybody who works here gets the tattoo eventually. When they earn a place in the family. It's very exclusionary, haha. Anyway Chris did his apprenticeship at Tattoo Zoo years ago, and never ended up getting one, so Gerry gave him one last night finally. AWWWW

And check out this gnarly picture of it Sarah took. AWESOME.

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