Saturday, May 12, 2012


Lately there's a lot of studying I should be doing, and a hundred good TV shows distracting me. You know how it is. And the internet is just a bottomless well of mindlessness that I can fall into for hours at a time. I joined a gym and hurt my feet in the same week, but am determined to get back on the horse in less painful ways really soon because I was totally enjoying it.

I like metaphors.

I've also been...

Listening to: Right this moment I'm super into the band Graveyard and pretty much the whole kind of '70s-esque Stoner Rock Doom Metal thing...I don't know how I've never paid any attention to bands like these before. This song in particular really makes me happy. It's just so awesome and the lyrics kind of fit my general perspective on the world these days. 

Lost In Confusion by Graveyard on Grooveshark

Reading: Now that school is almost done ... for the summer, anyway, I can read again. Recently the library has had pretty much any book that I want...awesome. I recently downloaded these four books and plan on burning through them ASAP. I'm already halfway through Chocolat.

Excited about: the new guys at work. Change is always nice, but especially when it brings in more perspective, wisdom, business, and excitement to the shop. It's really neat having Bart who tattooed in Spain and Amsterdam for years, and Mikel who is just straight up zen master ... I can speak Spanish with Bart and catch flies with my bare hands with Mikel (haha). And they're both full-grown men who have been around the block so to speak; they bring a certain maturity and worldliness to the shop.

Buying: new shoes. Do you know how hard it is to find good, supportive shoes that are vegan AND don't look super dorky? Either they're ridiculous high heels or they're made of hemp and have what look like cardboard for the soles, or they're crocs. Or just super fugly hippie running shoes. I found one pair I kind of like over at Vegetarian Shoes but I had to order them from the UK. Which I did because I NEED NEW SHOES.


Note: these were terrible for my feet and I shouldn't have been wearing them anyway so it's all good.

I've been moping around the house, partly because of school stress, partly because my feet hurt and partly because even though I try and try to deny it, I've somehow developed seasonal allergies. I should just take a fuckin' claratin already and scrub the fog off my brain.

Monday is the final exam and I have a feeling that after that weight is off my shoulders I can do anything I set my heart on. :)

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