Thursday, May 3, 2012



Gregg Segal photography.

Believe your eyes: the world's strangest optical illusions and mirages.

I've won the game, now what? An important reminder that money and 'success' isn't everything. (Thanks Nubby)

Your scene sucks: know the dress styles. SO TRUE!! I know about half these people. (Thanks Caitlin)

Hannah convinces you to read.

I'm sick of pretending: I don't get art

Here's the trailer for Mansome, a documentary that looks pretty awesome. (video)

This amazing powerful campaign against animal testing by Lush. I really think this was a good way to show people what "animal testing" really means. (video) (Thanks Courtney)

52 interesting facts that you must know! (Thanks Suzy)

Where did the word 'dude' come from? (Thanks Courtney)

What I learned from twenty years of dating

Top five TV dads. I love all these dads, but I have to say Homer Simpson is the only TV dad who has consistently made me laugh out loud for over ten years.

Kristin Luna shows us how to take interesting photos of boring monuments

One of the best reasons for journaling I've ever heard.

Let's not pretend it's always easy. So true!

Remember how hip Suzy is?

Write like a motherfucker. 

State-sponsored voyeurism - photography from the Czechoslovakian security services archive. 

This little GIF is so cute!

A simple approach for fixing your crappy self esteem. Sometimes it is that simple. (Thanks Kellie)

A year in Charlie's pocket. What a 10 year old collects. 

I wish I could make these origami diamonds. (Thanks Kyla)

This article on male privelage in geek culture really hits the nail on the head for me. (Thanks Suzy)

Why is no one commenting on our blog? (Thanks Nubby)

34 things Paul Jarvis has learned by the age 34. So true!! 

Don't fear the internet: basic HTML and CSS for non-web designers.

A tribute to Stripe from Gremlins.

Inside the racist mind. (Thanks Sarah Von)

Fiona Apple's newest!! SO GOOD. 

The no-baggage challenge.

I want a backyard office. (Thanks Caitlin)

Seeing yourself as others do

The children of the Russian rich.

The hippocratic oath of a photographer, 1937. 

(Vancouver Island) Hiking for fat people. Perfect!

A complete guide to Jerry Seinfeld's sneakers.

That truck driver you flipped off? Let me tell you his story.

I need nice things.

Five manifestos for creative living. (Thanks Nubby)

Have you ever heard of the Bechdel test? I'm going to keep my eyes open while watching movies and see if I can spot woman on woman conversations from now on. (Thanks Suzy)

Going from idea to reality. (Thanks Sarah Von)

The unintentionally hilarious world of band P.R.

xkcd's color survey results.

A father who creatively captures his kids.

10 must-follow tumblr blogs for science lovers.

Chinese physically disabled athletes training for the 2012 Paralympics in London. 

The nine strangest deaths of the renaissance era.

The history of the bikini. (Thanks Caitlin.)

10 unexpectedly awesome foreign music genres.

Get your blog love back

The top ten relationship words that aren't translatable into English. (Thanks Suzy)

What it cost eight women writers to make it in New York. (Thanks Sarah Von)

And last but not least...this MAD fold-in! Remember those? They were my favorite parts of MAD Magazine.

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