Thursday, May 10, 2012


All links, all the time.
But first, look how cool my knees look in these pictures.  


This. Just...LOL. 

36 writing essays by Chuck Palahniuk. (Thanks Caitlin)

50 people you wish you knew in real life. I like the same-height party. (Thanks Alycia)

This and this washi masking tape. Oh. M. G.  (Thanks Kaylah)

I love this acceptance letter to the real world. Every college graduate should read this. (Thanks Danielle)

Should I meditate? (Thanks Kellie)

Suzy and her friends following a man, detective style. You'll see why...

True story: I recieved a donated kidney.  

This 'book dome'...AAAH I love it!

Go play some tiny world Mario! :)  (thanks Kellie)

6 reasons you should consider being a cat. (Thanks Suzy)

A little exerpt from Jenny Lawson's audiobook.

Get your blog love back.

This is what I'm going for and never get every time I go to the zoo with a camera. 

Life as a dive videographer

A complete guide to hipster racism. (Thanks Caitlin)

Where do you stand on the political compass? (Thanks Hannah)

7 foods so unsafe even the farmers won't eat them.  (Thanks Danielle)


Hearing people using "literally" wrong just drives me bananas!


This will make everything okay

You're bored? That's so AWESOME. (Thanks Caitlin)

5 blogging myths that ought to be put to rest. (Thanks Courtney)

Identify a lie with six simple questions. 

Tumbleweeds' May 11th sunglasses giveaway. They'll make you any. thing. you. want. if you win. Just watch the vlog. 

Things I'm afraid to tell you.  Stay tuned because I want to write one of these posts soon.

Moon glass. I would like one please.

How to road trip solo

10 tumblrs serving up the best animated gifs. (Thanks Kellie)

That time Erin met...ME! :)

Andrew Bush took a series of photos of people he passed in his car

This cat scratching ... record? Yes please. (Thanks Elycia)

How to create a list post and what to write about

I hate owning books like this but I would love to read Steve Martin's book of tweets. Even the title makes me laugh.  The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.: The Tweets of Steve Martin.

50 things everyone should know how to do.

How to dress joyously.

This bathing suit. Oh, and I bought it for myself!! If you need me I'll be waiting by the mailbox. 

How to make your blog more user friendly

10 ways to make your instagram photos pop.

These iPhone cases, and not just because she's my blog friend.

Maybe you've seen this before, but if not, check out The Panic's the craziest hotel room I've ever seen I think, and I've stayed at City Hostel in Seattle. (thanks Suzy)

Tiny confessions.

Ten things Suzy thinks makes a good blogger

5 reasons why I won't buy from an online shop (and how you can change that)

What's your Shakespeare insult name? I'm a villanous rump-fed strumpet. (Thanks Kellie)

Finally...Jon Snow being confused by modern day technology...

You want more, you say? Well every single person I thanked in this post has their own link post. So click on their names to find even more awesome from this past week or so.

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