Friday, August 14, 2009


i went crazy the other day and switched majors on a whim at school.

it was after a meeting with the spanish department.

basically what it came down to was either

a) i take a bunch of linguistics courses and some spanish ones this coming year, and still have to go back in the fall for one lousy class


b) change majors, take a bunch of spanish this coming year and graduate in april 2010 with a spanish degree with a minor in linguistics.


hopefully i can remember some of my spanish because i'm registered in 11 upper-level spanish courses this year



  1. That's kind of exciting. Si? No? (I can't figure out how to get upside down question marks.) Buena suerte! (The same with the exclamation points.)

  2. si! i also don't know how to do the question marks...guess i should probably figure that out, haha


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