Wednesday, August 12, 2009

don't mess with me this morning

or my ridiculous rooster tail will getcha!!

so fellas, what's new? i've been doing a lot of boring things, and also feeling sorry for the kid with the burned eyes in that Jai-Ho movie. what's it called... you know.

ryan has figured out a system, using math and science, to getting the best movies from the library. the key is to go in with an open mind, because sometimes you'll come out with something like MILK (which i can't wait to watch tonight!) and sometimes you'll come out with "the wackness" which may sound pretty sick or dope, but once you start watching it, you will realize that it is rather aptly named.

it is totally wack. to the max.

we shut it off after i whined "this is borrrring" "i don't liiiiike this movie" a bunch of times.

but then, using computer technology that you could never possibly understand, ryan figured out that watchmen was at the library and took off running out the door.

while he was gone i stole one of his coveted m&m cookies...and of course he forgot his wallet and walked back in the house, leaving me pretending i wasn't chewing a ginormous bite of cookie.

so busted!!

but he came back from the library and was all "they have like a cart-full of new releases!" and thus began our night of watching india's version of who want's to be a millionaire and kids getting their eyes taken out with spoons or whatever happened there.

oh! we also watched a vampire movie yesterday, and i drank beer rather than going to school because fuck off, that's why.*

it was called ... something to do with 30 days. i think it was 30 days of darkness. and as far as kind of lame vampire movies go, this one was pretty cool. the vampires were sort of scary, not like those True Blood pussies. these vampires had messed up faces and they kind of looked like bats.

i'm going to google their faces right now (that's what she said) so i can show you.

okay so it's actually called 30 Days of Night - the basic premise is that a bunch of vampires show up in a town in alaska where they get ... 30 days of night! and they totally kill a bunch of people.

you should watch it. but here's a warning: i said "EW!" more times than i can count when i was watching it.

wow. i should think about a career in movie reviewing.

*sorry for the swearing


  1. i always knew no good could come from a place where even the sun doesn't want to go. i saw this one a while back and was all 'no WAY am i ever going to alaska.'

  2. lana - yeah. that could totally happen. i'm not going there either, probably. i don't think the endless summer thing would be any better.


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