Monday, August 10, 2009

the crappy part of italy

me: you know that last class i took? i think i did pretty shittily...

ryan: shittily?

me: yeah

shittily? is that, like, the crappy part of italy? where they have disgusting vino and bad pasta?

me: haha yes! you're funny. i'm going to write that down.

(i grab the first piece of paper i see, and start writing)

me: ah crap! i can't write on this!

(i start scribbling furiously over the word "shittily")

ryan: what?

me: it's that paper i have to hand in

ryan: (laughing)i don't do this very often but i am actually shaking my head at you

me: why? what?

ryan: that is so you. "oh no, i guess i shouldn't write shittily on my thesis"!

me: (laughing) yeah

ryan: if you bought, like, a bottle of delicate expensive perfume, you'd put it in the bottom of your shopping cart and then take a can of coke and throw it right on top

me: ...yeah...i sure love buying delicate expensive perfume...?

ryan: well, i was just trying to make my point exaggeratedly

me: is that the exaggerated part of italy?


  1. "Shittily" isn't a word? You just blew my mind. ;-)

  2. lilu - heeeyyyy! welcome to my non-secret blog!! :)

    don't worry, you can say "shittily". i decree it, as a linguistics student.

  3. Pretty Shittily. Wouldn't that be a good part of Italy?

  4. right, it sounds like it's from a travel brochure when you say it like that


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