Saturday, September 26, 2009

the school newspaper

a few weeks ago i passed a booth at the university, in the students union building. actually i passed about 50 booths, because it was recruiting time for all the extracurricular clubs.

OMG, wanna play volleyball? wanna join the korean club?

you know, that kind of thing.

there was also an amazing amount of religious ... "clubs". and they were rather aggressive.

anyway the point is that i signed up at the school newspaper as a volunteer. i was like "what the heck" and the guy was really nice and happy, and he was drawing comics while we were talking and for some reason i was like "i trust this guy"

must have been the comics

but now i keep receiving e-mails about fancy meetings in the basement near the radio station, where they discuss the next photo for the cover. and i can never make it anyway because i'm all busy and junk.
part of me wants to go and help decide the cover photo.
like, a big part of me.

and now, today, i got an e-mail that was like "hey, we have a gigantic pile of cds here, just come grab one and write a review for it" and it sounds so easy and fun, you know?

oh, and they were also like "know any local bands? you should write a band profile"
and "have you seen any good movies lately? write us something about that"

i could totally do that...easily!

but here's the thing...i don't want to be a journalist. i want to write, but i don't want to turn into one of those liars. those spin-doctors who hurt people, albeit unintentionally (most of the time).

recently somebody i know was interviewed for the local paper, and even though he spoke to the woman for like 20 minutes, she only wrote about his physical appearance, using quotes out of context and half-sentences to suppliment what she wanted to say about him.

he wasn't hurt by the process exactly, but, as he put it, it was his "first lesson in media relations" because he didn't exactly benefit from what she had to say either.

i hope i never turn into one of those people


  1. It would be kind of cool to write for a paper, but like you said, many journalists just write for the attention and focus on needless things rather than the content that is really at hand.

    Maybe you could write an article about that.

    Though it may be edited down.

  2. ps i like your name. it's aggravating, but funny


Digame entonces.

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