Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what? no popcorn?

well i already posted this as my status on facebook so it's like recycled news, but today in Mexican Cinema class, prof 5, a mexican gentleman of about 50 years, told us

"don't think this is one of those fun classes that you can bring popcorn to, this is a serious class"

whaaat? no popcorn? awwwwwww.

and then we watched a film about pancho villa from the '30s, and it was AWESOME! but there were some really funny parts, like when a bunch of crazy mexican soldiers in striped pants are in a cantina and all of a sudden a guy is like

"omg! there's 13 of us at this table! one of us is going to die because it's an unlucky number!"

and another guy who might have been Villa but i'm not sure because two guys wore the same outfit and had crazy moustaches throughout the movie and i kept getting them confused said

"well, if somebody's going to die, let it be the biggest coward!"

and then they decided that the way to tell who the biggest coward was would be to sit in a circle at midnight on chairs and throw a pistol in the air and somehow it'll magically shoot itself in the air, and whoever the gun shoots deserves to die because he's a coward"

"also, we have to turn off all the lights in the bar"

come on, that's so weird it's hilarious.

and they did it! and the fat guy gets shot but he's ok, it's only a wound. in his stomach. and then he's all "oh yeah? i'll show you who's a coward!" and shoots himself in the head unexpectedly, because he was the comic relief throughout the first two thirds of the movie.

so then i was like "whaaat"

also, before the whole shooting himself thing, the fat guy (who they just call "fatty") is captured by the enemy and they bring him to be hanged. the guy who is in charge of hanging him is a young man, and the fat guy is all "whatever you say senorita" and everybody laughs because it's like the hangman is a woman!!! HAHAHA

and then he starts hanging but the rope snaps because he's so fat! HAHAHA

but this whole time i wasn't sure if i was allowed to laugh at this serious historical depiction / film art piece...

but i laughed anyway because we were sitting in the dark.


  1. Latin American Films was totally one of my favorite classes in college, even without popcorn. Is it bad that Chronos was one of my favorites? Should I *not* love a vampirish Mexican film set in the 80s?

  2. hahaha i love the santo films, so... no. its not wrong at all.


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