Monday, October 12, 2009

my cat just made me cry

i'm not sure what's going on with me today but my cat just made me cry because she hurt my feelings.

i deserved to get scratched, i think, what with all the bothering and touching of her nose and paws.

but i did not deserve to be scratched INSIDE MY NOSE!

her claw got stuck up there. she panicked. she pulled until it scraped its way out. i made a distraught noise.
then we both sat there for a moment, not moving, staring at each other.

a line had been crossed.

even her stupid cat brain knew it.

then i started crying. i went into the bathroom and dabbed the cut with some toilet paper. i mainly just wanted to see if it was bleeding as much as i thought that type of cut deserved to be bleeding.
but it wasn't. oh, there was blood, sure. but it was nothing. the good news is that she missed my septum ring with her stupid pointy claw. i whimpered to myself in the mirror.
it didn't hurt that bad, really. but yeah, my feelings were hurt.

i am the only person who continuously loves this cat. she's a bitch. she's fat. she hates everybody. except me. i thought she loved me.

but then she scratched inside my nose.

all bets are off. i've shoved her off the couch twice now, in revenge. unfortunately it didn't work. now i feel bad. she's just a little kitty!

now she's allowed to lay on the other end of the couch but NOT share my blankets.

so i leave you with this question: what the hell?


  1. That is funny. And yikes the inside of your nose, I can only imaginbe the pain.


Digame entonces.

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