Wednesday, December 2, 2009

caution: major whineage ahead

okay so yeah. it's the last week of classes. i should feel relieved, no?


I thought so too, but get this: UNIVERSITY IS HARD!
I don't know if you know that.

Here are my next few weeks in painful detail:

-work in the morning
-class...and frantically finish all the crap for next day

due dec.4
-12 page term paper on 'latin america'
-1 page assignment
-I also have a quiz

dec 5&6 work full days

due dec.7
-4 page (in Spanish) assignment on a really boring long-winded reading I hardly understand
-Final Essay on 'something we read this year' (5 pages in Spanish)

due dec.8
-1 page assignment about a movie we watched in class

dec 9
-cram for exam, work on papers, probably procrastinate a lot

-Final Exam on Spanish Grammar
-finish papers

dec 11

dec 12&13 work full days

due dec.14
-9 page paper due (in Spanish) on Mexican Film
-Take-Home final exam due (which I am suspicious of...take homes are usually way harder than regular exams)
-tattoo appointment (YAY!)

-my good friend arrives from Calgary (YAY)

dec 16

-try not to bore my friend with all the whining?
-maybe get out of the house?

-Final exam on Latin American culture. This is going to be the worst one because I almost failed the other exam in this course. Yikes.


So yeah, if you catch me crying in a corner or throwing up or scribbling on random papers or generally being crazy, this is why.

Also, I'm probably going to look extra ugly because who can do makeup at a time like this?



  1. Can you just abduct a Mexican and say he's from Guam or whatever countries are in Latin America and turn HIM in as your term paper? That's a flawless plan according to my calculations.

  2. Damn. I wish I had read this yesterday during my 'I wrote the wrong paper' crisis.


Digame entonces.

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