Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My future. Thanks UVic.

A few months ago the boss of the Spanish department at the University handed out a bunch of memos to us all titled "What can I do with a degree in ... languages?" and "Spanish: Opportunities for Students Who Graduate with a Degree in Hispanic Studies"

I thought "Hey, neato! Finally my choice in degree, validated at last!"

And I didn't read them. Just shoved them into my backpack and then pinned them onto my bulletin board underneath a bunch of IPA charts and other crap.

Today, when I was cleaning up my messy office I decided to take down some stuff off the walls as well and came across the handouts again.

And I actually read the "career opportunities" they have listed.

There are five.

1. Office Assistant for the Cuba Tourist Board
2. Flight Attendant (but only if I also have fluent French)
3. Information Clerk for Immigration Canada
4. Interpreter for Immigration Canada
5. Social & Cultural Development Officer for Warkworth Penitentiary




My dreams have come true.

Thanks UVic.

Oh, and on the back it lists the skills I will have once I graduate with a degree in languages. You know, like "oral and written skills in my language area(s) and in general" and "some degree of skill in translation" and "demonstrated ability to learn another language" and "awareness of role of language in transmitting culture" ...

wow. Totally worth the 50 thousand I paid in tuition, hey?

I think I'm just gonna stay at the tattoo shop forever. Sounds way better than any of those options.


  1. According to porn, female prison situations are often sexy! Don't rule that one out!

  2. Ha! Okay, you're right. That would be a great opportunity for some night-stick action.


Digame entonces.

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