Wednesday, January 27, 2010

are you freaking kidding me?

Well I just received an e-mail from one of my profs saying we're doing 20 minute presentations next week and so yeah, it would be great if I could present chapters six and seven of Guaman Poma de Ayala's 16th century tome The First New Chronicle and Good Government.

It's this super old book (at least we have the 'translated into English' version) ... but still, anything that looks like this... probably not going to be the most thrilling book I've ever read. Or the easiest to present to the class for twenty fucking minutes.

Sorry for the f-bomb, I'm just super angry about this. I am SO SICK OF SCHOOL.

I want to quit so bad and shit like this does not help.

I'm tired of pompous academic assholes pulling shit like this, or telling me they're superior to me (true story, happened last week) or making me feel guilty for not showing up to a class. That I'm paying to attend.

Plus, speaking in front of people at all gives me the worst anxiety, which means I like to be ultra prepared when I have to do so. And yeah, this thing is going down on TUESDAY. Like...six days from now.

You know, no problem, it's not like I have two jobs and four other classes to worry about. Nope. I do nothing but wish I had more mother effing homework to do.


f. m. l.

Is it April yet?


  1. Maybe that book has pirates. They had pirates back then. Pretend it's like "Where's Waldo" only your looking for pirates. That's what I'd do.

  2. The pirates were the spanish,coming to kill everybody. (It was written by an Incan dude during the conquest). But yeah, I'll keep my eye open for any peg legs or anything.

  3. public speaking is a skill you learn in school too. It actually has some value in life! Trust me, it will feel really really good when you are finished. You are not a quitter! Hang in there.


Digame entonces.

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