Saturday, March 27, 2010

work renos!

(part one: the new floor 1/2 done)

Oh my gosh, I never knew renovations could be so much fun! So far I've gotten to watch people tear up the floor (I would have helped but ... let's just say I wasn't really dressed for it), hammer and saw random things, tear apart a bathroom, be noisy and dirty...I never get to do these things!

So the next step in the great shop endeavor is tearing down the concept shop! Woo!
I really really want to try it...destroying walls. Ever since I heard about the time my friend was in some kind of constructiony job and he got to help renovate the high school he attended a few years previous...he got to destroy the high school! A dream come true, no?

So maybe, if school doesn't get in the way I'll help with that.

I've been really into trying new things and learning new skills, perhaps because my scholarly adventures are coming to an end. It's time for new experiences!

What an exciting time.

Oh, did I ever show you guys the retaining wall Ryan and I made? It's pretty plain but it's the sturdiest wall in existence. (I LOVE HYPERBOLES) Check it out!

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