Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, I am now playing the waiting game. One (not too difficult) exam to go. I've finished the other four courses completely and am already going to the UVic website every few hours to see if my grades are posted. Even though they get a week after the final assignment or exam is handed in. I check. Check again. Check.

So far one was posted. A minus. HOLY SHIT! I half-assed the hell out of that class and was expecting a C. I was okay with a C. C's get degrees! Woo! Great attitude, me.

Anyway in checking my grades I stumbled upon my (unofficial) academic record ...

Looking at the list, knowing I don't have to dive back into that academic mess and jump through any more of their hoops, the list is rather impressive. To me. I'm like "Wow, I did that? That's cool."

See for yourself.

Between Mount Royal College, la Universidad de Colima and the University of Calgary I took:

French : beginner
German : beginner
Linguistics:introduction 1
Linguistics: introduction 2
Linguistics: introduction to phonetics and phonology
Linguistics: introduction to morphology and syntax
Linguistics: psycholinguistics
Linguistics: developmental psycholinguistics
Linguistics: sociolinguistics

Sociology :
Spanish: beginner 1
Spanish:beginner 2
Spanish: review - grammar and conversation

Women's Studies

At stupid Camosun College I took:

English (2 stupid courses)
Human Geography
Asian Pacific Studies
Writing (2 courses)

And then there's the UVic era.

German: beginner 2
Linguistics:Second Language Acquisition
Linguistics:Methods: Language Teaching
Linguistics:Issues in Cross-Cultural Communication
Russian: beginner
German: beginner 2
Beginner's German 2
Linguistics:Issues in Applied Linguistics
Seminar and Practicum in Applied Linguistics
Beginner's Russian 2
Spanish: Review Grammar and Conversation
Spanish: Advanced Composition, Translation and Style 1
Spanish: Advanced Composition, Translation and Style 2
Beginner's Italian 1&2
Linguistics: Minority Language Issues
Linguistics: Language and Gender
Greek&Roman Studies: Contribution to the English Language
Linguistics: Intro to the Grammar of English Usage
Spanish: Latin American Culture
Spanish: Literature Since 1700
Spanish:Spanish American Literature 1492-1900
Spanish: Advanced Composition, Translation and Style 3
Spanish: Latin American Film - Mexican Cinema

and I'm just finishing up:
Spanish: Literary Origin to 1700
Spanish: Topics in Latin American Studies
Spanish: Spanish Culture
Spanish: Spanish American Literature Since 1900
Spanish:Modern Latin American Literature & Visual Arts

And I'm sitting here looking at this extensive list of awesome sounding courses and wondering how school managed to make them so stressful and boring and EWWW.

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