Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mo' music.

Whenever somebody says to me that they 'love all music...except country' I wonder if that also means bluegrass ... you can't not love bluegrass.

(The guy in the overalls look so much like my friend's little brother!)

I used to think I didn't like any rap or hip hop but the guys at work are really changing my mind about that as well. You can't limit yourself, music-wise. I have found I even like (some) bollywood stuff, turkish folk music, russian pop, crazy south african hip hop*, classical music and yeah, even some pop country songs.

*If you have never heard of DIE ANTWOORD, well, you have now. They're from South Africa and sing in English, Afrikaans and Dutch, and they're crazy. In a good way. Plus, that guy's tattoos are fucking sweet.

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