Tuesday, May 25, 2010

somebody please get me this skirt or this dress


  1. Oh.My.Gawd.

    I've spent the past 20 minutes looking through all of the items on that website and I want at least half of them. How fucking cool are those dresses?!

  2. How are you enjoying Christopher Moore?? I have become the crazy addicted one that bought every book written. lol so glad someone else is reading his stuff!


  3. i want the wide belt/corset thing. lovely.

    @claire maria me too! it's on my birthday/day of the dead/christmas list.
    @stacia I answered you on the facebook already but yeah, so far it's pretty funny.
    @becktastic Yes!!

  5. Ohhh. Love the skirt! Can't spare the cash, but it looks like I'll be spending an afternoon on my husband's side of the closet. If I start on this project now, do you think he'll have enough time to unTIE (ha!) my work before he has to be at work on Monday?

  6. wait...somebody clicked I'm an idiot for this dress and skirt? You, sir are the idiot for not recognizing. The amazingness. Duh!

    @sabrina hahaha No I don't, but do it anyway. That's a great idea. I wish Ryan wore ties. No I don't. But if he did...look out!


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