Sunday, May 16, 2010

seriously guys

found via post secret


  1. If only more people knew this...

  2. Olivia (the red headed one) loves leggings. Tight, cropped, brightly colored leggings.

    She is the skinniest thing ever and even though she's 7 I have to buy her Size 4 leggings. Which makes them go up past her knees.

    So she's essentially wearing bermuda short length super tight leggings. Maybe you should have a talk with her.

  3. gemma- SPREAD THE WORD

    erin - When it's a little girl it's not so...gross. It's the twenty somethings who uh, maybe should re-think the whole skin-tight clothing option that really gross me out. Dude, I can see your underwear and your cellulite through your tights. Take heart that by the time she has any semblance of a womanly figure the 90s fashion will be in. Baggy pants and crop tops! Woo.

    @owo yep.

  4. So true.

    I love leggings but I wear tasteful ones and I don't substitute them in for pants--I wear a longish tunic when I'm wearing leggings.

    And I never have a muffin top!

  5. @sadako Yeah, I general rule is don't wear leggings with anything that you wouldn't wear without leggings. You know? They're underwear.

  6. Good thing I reconsidered those tweety leggings at Walmart the other day.


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