Wednesday, June 9, 2010

They call them fingers but why don't you ever see them fing?

This is gonna sound like some kind of stoner moment, and I swear SWEAR SWEAR I don't do drugs except for today because I took a back muscle relaxy drug thing because WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY STUPID BACK?

But anyway I was in the shower the other day thinking about typing for whatever reason, and I realized that I don't know where the letters are on the keyboard.

And I type like 130WPM.


I stood there in the shower trying to remember, like I literally tried to go through the alphabet one letter at a time. I got A for sure, and then was stuck on B. I knew it was somewhere in the lower keyboard region, and I was pretty sure I use my left hand to type it but...where is it? What's beside it? And then I thought that C is like somewhere kind of near B. Definitely at the bottom. Where is D? Shit. I have no idea. I even tried holding my hands out on a pretend keyboard.


What the? I suppose it's just the right brain left brain thing. It seems super strange though that I have this stream of consciousness and creativity coming out of one of the sides of my brain, I guess the right side, and then the left side is like, "Doo dee doo, what's going on on that computer screen? Ah! Oh my gahd! Words are coming out of my fingers! I recognize those words!"

And is this why I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised with what I've written after it already comes out of my brain? Like I vaguely know that I wrote something about a certain topic, but then I read what I wrote and it seems like it came from a completely different person.

And is it why writing things physically with pen and paper is so much different and so much more difficult than typing?

So many questions.

brain diagram is from here


  1. two words: muscle memory. followed by one more pseudoword: qwerty. you're welcome. for what? i don't know.

  2. I still don't really get it. Why can't my muscles remember it when I'm in the shower using a pretend keyboard?

  3. That is weird. I can type accurately on an imaginary keyboard. Not as fast...but I know the letters.

    Writing on paper is hard for me now. I attempted to start a new journal, but after so many years of typing pretty much everything...meh.

    Interesting post.

  4. Yeah me too. I actually got a really cool journal for Christmas that's made from an upcycled Nancy Drew book, and I force myself to use it, but it's all very short entries because it takes so long.


Digame entonces.

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