Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ayer: tacones, graffiti, nudity and airshows.

It all started when I got to work and found graffiti drawn on the wall beside the door.

Cute eh? It was in chalk and totally harmless so I left it there. Somebody loves us. Probably a Colin groupie. (all the ladies love Colin)

The snowbirds did an airshow around noon, and my best boss let me go watch for a few minutes. I mean...airplanes. Doing dangerous things. Awesome.

THEN, since the world cup was on in every single pub down the street, there were all these crazy football fans with face paint and 'woo'-ing and wanting tattoos of their team's logo and running into things...totally drunk but funny. The atmosphere was kind of charged with excitement.

And THEN came the naked bicyclers.

I was going to take a bunch of pictures for the blog but I took one and instantly felt like a creep and put away my camera. Even though everybody else on the street was taking videos and stuff.
Here's my picture.

See more here...if you dare.
As you can see, some people wore underwear or pasties or bathing suits, but for the most part they were totally nude. And apparently bicycle seats set the perfect stage for twigs and berries, because they were totally...out there. I saw more penis than I have ever in my entire life. Not cool.

"When the pubes are as long as the wang, that's a problem." - Gerry Kramer

And to top off a wonderful day, after workMister Ryan and I walked down to Red Fish Blue Fish, this totally weird little outdoor restauranty kinda place in the inner harbour. Like, literally they're on a little dock on the ocean.

They serve mostly fish and fish and more fish. And oysters. But I heard through the grapevine that they also had something vegetarian called "edamame tacones" ... which, in Spanish translates to "edamame high-heels" (as in the heel on a woman's shoe)


So Ryan and I went down there when I was finished work. He also got a tip that they sell battered deep-fried pickles, so um...yeah. Obviously we tried that too.

Oh and then we saw that they had curry fries. So yeah. Tried those too. Just a small order. To split.

Which turned out to be a lot of food.

Even today I feel greasy on the inside. BUT OMIGOD IT WAS SO DELICIOUS.

Also? Ran into my friend Marie right on the dock. She had circusy makeup on and was carrying a hundred hoola hoops...the kind you light on fire.

So yeah. Yay for yesterday. Life is awesome.

Images stolen from here and here. And Ryan and I took the rest ourselves.

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