Friday, July 16, 2010

Peek a boo!

I see you!

That's a photo of me last night, pre-gaming for the Die Antwoord show in Vancouver at some pub somewhere awesome on Granville street.

On my hand, you will see the complete directions from the Ferry terminal to the bus to the sky train to the hotel.

In my eyes you will see SO MUCH EXCITEMENT for the show.

Even though the trip was really quick, it was completely fun. Every single connection, and we're talking bus, bus, ferry, bus, sky train, find hotel, meet up with friend, find the all went as well as it possibly could. We got to hang out with Chris

(he works sometimes at Tattoo Zoo...the shop I work at, and sometimes at Sacred Heart in Vancouver) and a very nice friend of his. We had beer on a patio. We saw an otter playing on a dock. We stayed in a cool hotel.

We got off the island for a day. We saw a show we really wanted to see.

Hahahahahaha seriously they were so awesome. You can't tell from this video because A) they're performing a dance remix of a song which is totally ridiculous, and B) it's a youtube video so you can't really get the whole ambiance and energy thing, and C) You can't see Yo-landi's hair and gold teeth because of the hood ... just take my word for it. So. Much. Fun.

On the way home, between busses we accidentally got lost at the new ginormous WalMart grand opening here in Victoria. What? We had to use the bathroom/were curious, as it has been in various stages of construction for years. We followed the signs that said 'pedestrian access', walked up some unfinished wooden steps and...were suddenly on the roof of the building.
Not to worry though, there was an elevator big enough to park a car in that we took down to the front door...and the platform to get to this random elevator was built entirely of plywood...on the roof? It was strange.

Why open when you're not even finished construction?

Anyway, inside, it looked like a newer busier Costco, but with two floors and less class. It was HUGE. They literally (probably not literally...but definitely figuratively) have everything there; including a walk-in-clinic (yes a fucking Walmart walk-in clinic) and a bakery employee who wore her apron and hairnet into the bathroom stall and was in there like, FOREVER while I was waiting which is totally gross and that's why I'm telling the world. DO NOT TRUST WALMART EMPLOYEES TO NOT WEAR THEIR APRONS INTO THE STALLS AND THEN GO BACK TO MAKING FOOD.

We didn't actually explore the store or anything, we just used the washroom and booked it into the labyrinthine parking lot surrounded by a ghost-town of half-built stores (where we literally almost got lost).

Even using the bathroom was an extreme adventure.

Um yeah, and then we came home and watched T.V.

The end.

Good days off, guys. It was fun.

Zef $ide, Die Fokken Antwoord!

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