Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canadian, please.

The famous Ryan Mason was in town the entire time I was in Calgary, doing a guest spot tattooing at Tattoo Zoo. I came home and was pleasantly surprised to find him still there and still working!

Not only that, there was a surprise-ish visit (she told me she was coming but I forgot) from our friend Larissa. She used to work at Tattoo Zoo, doing the same thing I do, but then moved to Edmonton to be a "shop mom" at another shop.

Over the next couple days there was dinner at a Mexican restaurant, a "corporate retreat" at a sushi place (for which the awesome Gerry Effing Kramer "went to the washroom" and came back with the bill paid. What a trickster!), rooftop tat-bro party extreme (no big deal) and I GOT A MOTHER EFFING RAD TATTOO!

Now here's the thing...I have taken photos of most of this stuff with my new camera but I haven't yet had the home-time to figure out what exactly I need to do to get pictures from the camera to the computer. I keep telling myself I'll do everything Tuesday. So until then you'll have to make do with this hasty typed madness. Spell check? NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Anyway I like this video a little bit, but mostly I like the follow-up video. Get ready to hear why it's so great to be me!

And then the guy's response to all the racist comments he got on YouTube, hahaha!

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