Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yarr, there be somethin' goin' on with me brain todarrr

Scene: In the bedroom, I'm on the computer trying to find rhinestone covered single use cameras that will deliver to Canada. Ryan's sitting on the bed.

Me: Oh man, these cameras are so awesome. My luxurious day off is almost complete. (Looks into almost empty coffee cup pointedly.)

Ryan: I'll get you more coffee once mine is finished.

Me: Okay.

---ten minutes later---

Scene: Same exact place, same actions.

Me: Um, are you gonna get me a coffee or what?

Ryan: Are you kidding?

Me: What?

Ryan: I just got you more and you drank it all.

Me: No you didn't. See? (Shows him the empty mug.)

Ryan: Yeah I did.

Me: No. Definitely not.

Ryan: You seriously don't remember me leaving the room and coming back with more coffee? And then you said thank you and I talked about the breakfast I'm halfway through making because I was in the kitchen? And you said you didn't want any?\

Me: (laughing) No! You didn't do that!

Ryan: YES I DID!

Me: You're lying.

Um...he wasnt' lying. WTF?

Then he left me alone in the house with EBay all open and guess what happened.


(click here to see it)

It's just a regular disposable camera with something a little camp about it. Anyway then the frenzy began. I'm such a fucking internet shopper-shark. My eyes roll back in my head and before you know it I've bought 6 cameras.

And it's all Ryan's fault.


Anyway here's the rest:

1. It looks like a robot and takes three consecutive photos...

2. Um, kind of like the robot one only it takes four photos. They were sold together.

3. Smena...Russian camera from the Soviet Union era in the 70s. Rad, no?

4. These are disposables that apparently add ghosts to your pictures. I got two because um, yeah. How could I not?

So um...this is what I do when I start catching up on my bills? I guess? SPEND LIKE CRAZY. WOO, I'M A CONSUMER! AND A GIRL! OMG

I half feel like an idiot for buying stuff totally spur-of-the moment, you know? But then I'm like "Woah" and "YES" because those are excellent fun purchases. At least I'm not spending it on drugs? haha

Still...if any of you Americans find bedazzled frickin' single-use cameras that you can send me, I'll be eternally grateful. It just seems like something I really should have.


  1. Ha. You were seriously out of it.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for some interesting disposable cameras. I've definitely never seen any that cool. I DID however used to buy the disposable underwater cameras and those looked pretty neat.

    I love, love, love regular old cameras. Wish I could find one that still works and start a darkroom. Sigh. Too much moola.

  2. Yeah I know...a darkroom! So much fun!

  3. EBay has given you dementia apparently. Of course, I don't even need such a distraction to act this way. I'm surprised I'm not 400 lbs because I just ate that entire bag of chips without realizing it.

    What do you do with a bedazzled disposable camera after you're done taking the pics?

  4. Yeah I didn't really think it through. Maybe I'll just buy a bag of glitter and a glue stick from the dollar store instead.


Digame entonces.

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