Friday, September 24, 2010

EE! One of my photos is being featured on indie ink!

(For those counting, this is my second time!)

Check it out here.

In other news, hey how are ya? I've been a busy busy chap, what with the boyfriend having a birthday and working on stuff and having a job and not writing blog posts and everything.

The bus is really getting old to me these days. I'm doing everything in my power to distract myself during the 1 to 2 hours I spend on it every day. Good books work as long as I have music at the same time to drown out the insane conversations that invariably occur directly behind me. Why is half the bus always drunk? Seriously.

I've been considering watching tv shows on my iPod, but to me that's crossing the line into gettingrobbed-ville. Not that I live in some ghetto or anything but once in a while there's a character who would rob a bitch for sure.

Lately, I've been trying to exercise my mind, because making the same trip every day with unbearable company makes me extremely restless. I got all ninety something podcasts by Notes In Spanish Advanced and they rule. They're free on iTunes, it's just Ben and Marina, a husband and wife, and they discuss current affairs for like twelve minutes. In Spanish. Marina is from Spain and Ben is from England, so it's especially useful because he makes mistakes and Marina corrects his grammar.

And, speaking of awkward segues about Spain, I think for my 30th birthday I'm going to walk the Camino de Santiago. I mean...I know it's not something you can just do. Or maybe it is if you're already in good shape and know a thing or two about long distance walking, but that's not me. So yeah. I have two years to get ready.

That's a good landmark birthday thing to do, no? I'm hoping that maybe along the way I can pick up a little spirituality, in which I am greatly lacking. Or at least see the country I've learned so much about. Spanish history is pretty amazing.

I bet every country's history is amazing if you take the time to look it up though, huh?

Maybe I should get some history books to read on the bus. Any recommendations?


  1. i swear to gawd i commented on this, but i dont see it... was i dreaming? ...was i dreaming of commenting on your blog?? i dont know what would be weirder

  2. what the heck, im pretty sure i commented on this twice...

  3. eh, maybe im just too much of an internet newbie to notice the approval thing. gah

  4. You didn't comment on it before your first comment...I turned on the moderation because I kept missing comments people were leaving and then feeling all guilty.


    Anyway comment on it again, I'd like to know more about the camino.


Digame entonces.

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