Wednesday, September 8, 2010

slug, etc

1. University classes start today. I am sitting here aching with jealousy at that new-textbook feeling. One of my facebook friends put it best: Starting new classes feels like opening Christmas presents. I might go out and buy some school supplies just to put my soul at ease.

2. One of the weirdest things is when your boyfriend gets part of a giant Japanese backpiece lined and it goes from the top of his thighs to his shoulders, and he moons you to be funny but it actually looks cool. Like...mooning for the sake of humor is over for him. Now instead of being met with disgust and laughter he's going to get staring and awe.

3. How did a slug get into my house? And how did it make it halfway across the kitchen floor before my curious cat noticed it?

Look! How cute! I love their little antennae. Did you know their eyes are at the ends of their antennae? And did you know that slugs have 27,000 teeth in their mouths? And some types are cannibals? And the mucus they excrete has a chemical reaction to copper which produces an electric current? Pretty cool huh?

Here comes trouble little slug!

This was taken from the slug's perspective.

It's a good thing I was there to interfere by this point.

I scooped the little slimer up on a postcard from Niagara Falls and rolled him into some shade in our backyard.

Maybe one day it'll grow into the famous banana slugs that are prevalent in this neck of the woods.

Hey, speaking of slugs, check out this cute one from South Africa. No, really, it's so cute!

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