Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot dog flavored potato chips. Really.

Ry guy and I went to Superstore today because I (falsely) heard they were having a sale on cardigans. It was totally fun because practically everything was on sale and since I've recently decided to start dressing a bit nicer (i.e. no holes in the crotch of my pants, no armpit stained t-shirts, etc) I picked up a few super cheap collared shirts and some sweaters perfect for a rainy Victoria winter.

We remembered we needed to pick up a few things like President's Choice brand whole grain dijon mustard, which is literally the best mustard on earth and every Canadian needs to try it. For real.

We were walking through the mammoth food section when the potato chip aisle caught my eye. I remembered last time we were there, President's choice had a chip out that was "greek salad" flavor and I wanted to show Ryan.

They were sold out unfortunately but they did have...get this...'ballpark hot dog' flavor.

No shit.

I was like "Um...gross."

Ryan used his 'I dare you' voice and asked if we should try it.

I read the ingredients.

Totally vegetarian, (BUT NOT VEGAN because I think that tricalcium phosphate comes from some kind of milk product or old fossils that are in rocks? Wikipedia is messing with me.) with a healthy dose of MSG.

"Okay. Let's do it."

We bought them for like a dollar because Superstore is cool that way, and went home. Then we drank some rum with Dr.Pepper which is the best drink in existence, and finally worked up the courage to try the ... hot. dog. chips.

"I'm scared." I said.

"I bet they taste like dill pickle, mustard, and ketchup chips."

"Okay, I'll try them." I conceded.

He poured some in a tupperware bowl for me.

"Woah, that's way too many," I thought. "I just want to try one to know how gross it is and then blog about it."

Ryan went first. Then I had one.

We photographed our initial reactions.

Don't mind Ryan's freaky bendy thumb. The point is...they were good. And yeah, they smell like hotdogs. And they taste like hotdogs and dill pickle chips. It's so weird. I ate like fourteen and a half of them, all the while making comments like "This is so weird" and "I can't believe it. Hot dog chips." and "I actually like these!"

What the...?

So friends, go down to your nearest local Superstore and pick up a bag of weird flavored chips. They also have 'buffalo wings', and some kind of chicken thing and ribs? And some other ones I can't remember. But anyway the point is...make sure you read the bag to see if they're really vegetarian first, and the bag says if you try it and you don't like it you can bring them back to the store and get a full refund.

So yeah.

Talk about trying new things, right? Hot dog chips? WTF?


  1. Hot dog chips and they're vegetarian? That doesn't even make sense! Regular Doritos aren't even vegetarian, right?

    I would eat the everloving eff out of those chips right now.

  2. @Steam Me Up, Kid - WHAT? Doritos aren't vegetarian? I think I'm in a bit of trouble and am now about to hobble in pain to the kitchen to check.

    I love hotdogs (vegetarian ones - they taste like hotdogs too, it's a bit suspicious really) and I like chips. This could be a good mix - although that theory doesn't seem to work with everything (sandwiches and ice cream = no).

  3. Yeah I guess there's some kind of 'hot dog flavor' spice out there.

  4. I hate hate hate hotdogs. They're one of the reasons I've been a vegetarian nearly all of my life. (except for a stint in college where I ate bacon. A lot of it)

    My cousin tried to force me to eat a hot dog when I was 6 and I gagged and puked all over both of us and then he hit me in the face.

    Down with hot dogs and hot dog flavored anything!

    You guys are super cute though.

  5. hahahaha wow. Hot dog hatred.


Digame entonces.

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