Tuesday, October 5, 2010

be GONE spider corpses

What is it about my clothes that make spiders want to crawl around in them and die? I'd say on average I find one spider corpse per week in my clothing. Clean or dirty, in the closet, in the dresser or on the floor; it doesn't matter what I do. They sneak their way into my clothes and ... just die.
And what is killing them? The detergent we use? Should I be worried?

Or is our bedroom like some kind of elephant graveyard where the infirm and the elderly go on some kind of final quest to their ultimate demise?

I'd say the spiders are the second worst thing about living here, after having to take the bus because we are so far from downtown. There's all kinds of spiders and lots of them. House spiders, web makin' spiders, black widows (I haven't seen any of these yet). All the ones I've seen are big and hairy, and after Googling them I've learned that they all bite and they all have venom. Which is not cool. I'm honestly a little afraid to walk around our backyard for all the gigantic webs which look almost sturdy enough to catch me.

Today I washed the papa smurf costume we had stuffed in the toy room closet, because I'm considering wearing it on the 31st. If not I have a skeleton onesie that works just fine. Anyway I'm glad I decided to wash it because...yeah. Spider corpses as far as the eye could see.


Any time I wake up in the middle of the night I do a mental survey, checking to make sure it doesn't feel like any spiders are on me. If my mouth tastes weird it's because spiders probably walked in it. I have to knock my shoes on the ground before putting them on to make sure there's nobody making a home in them. And I definitely have to shake out my t-shirts to get rid of the corpses.



  1. i suddenly feel the need to go shake out all my clothes and wash them now...

  2. GAH! I know. I literally shake everything before I let it touch my body.

  3. That is in fact seriously disgusting. I would move. At once. I still have nightmares about that earwig in the oven glove, I could never handle spiders everywhere. You're a brave woman.

  4. Uh yeah, I know. I sometimes have little freak outs. It's totally out of a horror movie, like when the main character realizes that everywhere they look there's more and more bad guys. AAAGH


Digame entonces.

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