Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy berfday to me! (image heavy post)

It's my birthday!

I'm 28 now. Not too shabby, right?

Ryan had the entire day planned yesterday for my fake birthday (you know, because we both had the day off). We went to Swan Lake for a picnic. We had Tofurky (my guilty pleasure) and then cheesecake (my guiltier pleasure) in the evening and then we went to see Fubar 2 at the theater. Best movie ever. Also? I believe I was the only girl in the entire place, and pretty much everybody had beer under their coats which made for some hilarious ill-timed bottle clanking.

And now: pictures of thangs I saw at the lake.
And in my house.

Awesome. Also, I got the best photo album ever
and the coolest picture frames in the mail.

Thanks dad and Tara!

A dock on swan lake.


Pretending to jog in the no jogging zone.
Aren't we cute?

Why do they need so many light switches?

I believe I was talking to a really far away duck,
asking it if it knew I was watching it bathe.

I think it remained unaware.

I did! I felt the wiggle in the web!

The antisocial turtle
in the interpretive center.


What a great day!

Thanks again everybody who made it special.


  1. Happy birthday!! Sounds like a great day and I love that owl picture! :)

  2. Thanks, it was really cool to see that owl, just chillin' there in the tree.


Digame entonces.

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