Thursday, October 14, 2010

i viva !

Haaay guys!
Want to see some pretty terrible photos of mah new tattoo?

She's got a sombrero,

boobs and a mustache.

Here's her as an outline:

And the finished thang!

What a fab birthday present, right?

Thanks again Bryan!
Sorry you had to see my underwear!


  1. I have never seen a prettier woman with a mustache! LOL. What is the symbolism behind this tattoo?

  2. I like the colors. You always come up with the most interesting stuff. :)

    Nice draws'.

  3. Pauline, my friend Bryan (who did the tattoo) had painted that woman a year or so ago, and when my b-day came around he was like "hey, do you wanna get that mustache lady tattoo?" and I was like "yes." so that's where it came from, basically. Haha. I changed the words from "mujer de bigote" to "viva" though because she kinda looks like Zapata.

    Allie - Thanks miss, I wish I could take all the credit.

  4. That's awesome! I love it!


Digame entonces.

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