Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm over here today!

Thanks again Danielle
for letting me be a part of your fantastic blog!


  1. i found your blog from danielles and i must say your photos were enchanting!! i'm a canadian myself (from ontario) and my boyfriend and i plan on visiting B.C in april and it'll be my first time, i'm sooo excited (he used to live there/has a ton of family there so he knows the ropes) i definitely need to visit the university, the bunnies are terribly cute!! that is so funny. anyway, you have a new follower!!

    xo, carly

  2. It's definitely a big change from Ontario! Try and make it to the island if you can, it's so nice here.

  3. I loved your post on Sometimes Sweet! I am from Portland Oregon (not really close, but in the general vicinity). I'm living in New Zealand, but when ever I go back for a visit I try to go somewhere for a little vacation. I think I might have to make it Victoria next time. Now to convince my partner.

  4. Yes! And I REALLY want to come to Portland soon as well...and NZ!

  5. i came over from Danielle's blog... Jeremy did my tattoos, but i don't think he's at the zoo anymore?


Digame entonces.

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