Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh snow!

Oh yeah, it snowed last night. And I am not really excited. At all.

(view from my window this morning)

Somehow over the past few years I've turned into a real weather wimp. It's this damn temperate island climate that's softening me up! I guess it's the lax attitude everyone here has about shoveling their walks, combined with the terrible winter drivers and the  fact that after a little teensy weensy bit of snow like this, the power keeps flickering on and off helps me with my fear and hatred of the stuff.

(view from my other window)

A couple years ago, when I lived near the university and was a full time student, I was shocked to arrive at school after it had been snowing for a few days straight to find that all classes were canceled! (WTF) There was maybe a foot of snow on the ground, but half the roads in the city were closed and I suddenly found myself with something I had only ever heard of in Alberta (where it snows ten months of the year)... A SNOW DAY! It really seemed ridiculous.

Nobody salts or plows the roads when it snows here. I've been on a fishtailing bus before. It's as scary as it sounds. At least in a car you have a seat belt in case you roll.

Do I even have a pair of winter boots?

OH it looks very windy out. I need like...a scarf and mittens and a hat too. What the? Yesterday looked like this:

I'm not ready for real winter right now!


Meh, at least it's pretty, right?

(view from my other other window)


Digame entonces.

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