Sunday, November 21, 2010

300th post and a tattoo party

My three hundredth post! I wish I could host some kind of giveaway like all the cool bloggers do, but's not gonna happen, haha. Maybe for my 400th. Stay tuned!

Yesterday we had an impromptu tat party.

(click any photo on my blog to see larger size)

You can see my new tattoo on my boss' blog if you CLICK HERE. I had been recently talking about how I didn't have any skin-rip tattoos, and then yesterday I was all "gosh I wish I could get a tattoo soon" or something and Gerry was all like "pick one and we'll do it" and I was like "yes!" and it was as easy as that. I ended up choosing a really funny little thang, a lady in a bathing suit and a shark fin, plus it's a rip-out. So it's the most awesome. It was the easiest tattoo I've gotten in a really long time; pain-wise, very little, time-wise, very quick, quality-wise, fantastic. A-plus!

Today it looks really really bright...I guess because most of the tattoos on that arm are black and grey.  At first I had this plan to have an all b+g optical illusion arm, but that's so ... confining. I'm steppin' out.

Then, because for some really weird reason nobody was coming in to the shop even though it was a Saturday, Bryan and Cody also had time to get tattooed by the best boss ever. 

Their tattoos are a little more hard-core than mine...HAND TATS...but mine's bigger. (haha) I took a few photos of them getting tattooed. Unfortunately when I was trying to get a good one of Bryan's new hand rose I must have been really excited or something because they're all blurry except for this one:

Just trust me, it's a cool little rose. Or you can go back to HERE and see it. 

Then Cody got a funny little baby holding a gun on his hand, which sounds crazy but trust me, it's awesome. I took like eight hundred photos of it. It's hilarious, and if anybody can pull it off, it's Cody.
Here are three:

Sometimes I can't believe how freaking lucky I am to have such a cool job, and to work with such fun people. Gah, lovefest. Sorry so barfy, I'm just so excited and happy about my new tattoo. What a great day!

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